Friday, August 30, 2013

What's In My Bag?


Now that it's the new school year, I've actually had the time to start fresh with a brand new backpack. This time, I plan to keep my bag organized by all means necessary. (Side note: my bag is never kept organized ). So I've decided to share with you guys exactly what is in my bag today in hopes of doing an update once the semester is over.

  1.  Prescription glasses & case, Prada
  2. Sunglasses & case, RayBan
  3. Extra pair of sunglasses (depending on outfit), twinvibes
  4. Spearmint gum
  5. Retainer
  6. Spare pair of earrings (I love big hoops)
  7. Dorm room key
  8. Philips earphones, Target
  9. Chap stick & lip gloss, Burt's Bees and "Oh Baby" by Mac
  10. Contacts & solution
  11. CSUN school planner
  12. Cell phone
  13. Cell  phone charger
  14. Hand sanitizer & Flash drive keychain
  15. Student ID & keys
  16. Pen & Pencil
  17. Spare pair of socks ( never know when you might need them)
Let's see if my bag can remain this clean by my update. Hope you enjoy!
P.S. My bag itself is from Target

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