Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Funday

Today I just wanted to literally throw something on! This outfit may look well thought out and put together, but in reality, I had no idea, not even a clue what I was doing this morning. (Surprisingly some of my best outfits, in my opinion, are constructed this way). So, just to make my life easier, I threw on a skirt, because skirts/ dresses are so easy due to the fact that they go well with almost anything. In a way, it's kind of like a cheat, something I throw on when I don't feel like planning or putting together an outfit, like today. Then, I found this ivory colored crop top in the back of my closet (forgot I had it) and thought, "why not?" Originally, this outfit was very simple, almost boring, so I compensated with accessories. The good thing about accessories is that, if done right, they can make an originally plain outfit come to life. Finally, after all that fuss, I settled with this very Indiana Jones-esque look. Hope you enjoy!

Hat: DSW
Crop top: G-Stage
Skirt: Crossroads Trading Co.
Sandle: DSW