Friday, August 30, 2013

What's In My Bag?


Now that it's the new school year, I've actually had the time to start fresh with a brand new backpack. This time, I plan to keep my bag organized by all means necessary. (Side note: my bag is never kept organized ). So I've decided to share with you guys exactly what is in my bag today in hopes of doing an update once the semester is over.

  1.  Prescription glasses & case, Prada
  2. Sunglasses & case, RayBan
  3. Extra pair of sunglasses (depending on outfit), twinvibes
  4. Spearmint gum
  5. Retainer
  6. Spare pair of earrings (I love big hoops)
  7. Dorm room key
  8. Philips earphones, Target
  9. Chap stick & lip gloss, Burt's Bees and "Oh Baby" by Mac
  10. Contacts & solution
  11. CSUN school planner
  12. Cell phone
  13. Cell  phone charger
  14. Hand sanitizer & Flash drive keychain
  15. Student ID & keys
  16. Pen & Pencil
  17. Spare pair of socks ( never know when you might need them)
Let's see if my bag can remain this clean by my update. Hope you enjoy!
P.S. My bag itself is from Target

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Move In Day

Hey guys! I've been super busy lately ever since I've moved in to my dorm. These are just a couple quick pictures of my side of the dorm. I share an apartment style dorm (kitchen included) with 3 other girls. There are two of us in each room. Don't be surprised by how small of a selection of clothes you see in my closet. I have three storages of clothes under my bed and a whole different dresser stuffed with clothes, not to mention an under the bed shoe storage that includes thirteen pairs of shoes. Mind you, that's not even all of my clothes/ shoes. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fedora to the Rescue


As you might be able to tell, I'm having a bad hair day. Between shopping for going back to school and packing for college, I haven't had the time, or money, to go to the salon or let alone do my own hair. Despite this, I knew my hair needed to be washed....which leads me to my bad hair day. But then, I happened to come across my mom's old fedora hat, which thankfully saved the day. I drew inspiration from this hat to create this outfit I'm wearing today.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Colorful & preppy

Just a quick outfit of the day post I wanted to style a vest given to me by my good friends twinvibes which I absolutely love. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nike Free Flyknit+ Review

The Nike Free Flyknit+ has quickly become one of my favorite shoes in just a matter of days. It's extremely comfortable and lightweight while still having the support of a running shoe. The great thing about this shoe is that it's top half is pretty much like a sock, which allows you to wear this shoe without them.
It's very flexible and allows lots of movement, which is perfect for any athlete. However, it's flexibility fails to take away from the shoe's strength as it hugs around your ankles and remains very snug. It seemed a little tight at first but it fits true to size and eventually loosens to conform to your foot perfectly

 There's something important that I've been meaning to blog about all weekend. Important not only
because they're cute but because they're actually good for you! Good for you as in comfort and support. I'm talking about Nike's new shoe, the Free Flyknit+ that dropped this month. After wearing these shoes non stop for two days straight, both in & outside the house, I knew I just had to share. I will admit, however, that after seeing them for the first time I wasn't too impressed. I mean, of course the color attracted me but I thought, it looks nothing more than a colorful sock with a shoe sole at the bottom. BUT...after trying them on, I literally fell in love. It felt like walking on pillows. After searching all day for a comfortable shoe to walk around campus in, as I will be starting college next week, I knew these were the one. Not only are they a great running shoe, they are also just enough to make a sporty outfit POP! Definitely check them out!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Halls & Alley Ways


I'm completely obsessed with over the knee socks. Although these are just the basic black lace ones, I literally own dozens of them. Anyway, this is just a quick outfit of the day post. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Girly & Flirty

Today's outfit was on the girly and flirty side with a simple skirt and an almost floral tank. I especially liked the back of the tank and how it criss crossed. I also really liked how the socks matched the colors in my shirt.


Hello everyone! Nice to meet you. As you can see by my blog, my name is Devon (pronounced like the boys name Devin). After about half an hour of scratching my head on what to write about for my first post, I figured why not start with what I wore today. Duh!
For today's outfit, I went for something very simple, hence the white tank (which is secretly a dress ;-)) paired with light washed denim high waisted jeans. Then, added a little bit of edge with ankle boots, a curly short hair style, and huge glasses (which are prescription by the way). I would describe this outfit as "simply chic". Fortunately for me, my new haircut adds a little bit of chic to every outfit.
So what do you guys think? Am I the only one who wears dresses as shirts?