Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nike Free Flyknit+ Review

The Nike Free Flyknit+ has quickly become one of my favorite shoes in just a matter of days. It's extremely comfortable and lightweight while still having the support of a running shoe. The great thing about this shoe is that it's top half is pretty much like a sock, which allows you to wear this shoe without them.
It's very flexible and allows lots of movement, which is perfect for any athlete. However, it's flexibility fails to take away from the shoe's strength as it hugs around your ankles and remains very snug. It seemed a little tight at first but it fits true to size and eventually loosens to conform to your foot perfectly

 There's something important that I've been meaning to blog about all weekend. Important not only
because they're cute but because they're actually good for you! Good for you as in comfort and support. I'm talking about Nike's new shoe, the Free Flyknit+ that dropped this month. After wearing these shoes non stop for two days straight, both in & outside the house, I knew I just had to share. I will admit, however, that after seeing them for the first time I wasn't too impressed. I mean, of course the color attracted me but I thought, it looks nothing more than a colorful sock with a shoe sole at the bottom. BUT...after trying them on, I literally fell in love. It felt like walking on pillows. After searching all day for a comfortable shoe to walk around campus in, as I will be starting college next week, I knew these were the one. Not only are they a great running shoe, they are also just enough to make a sporty outfit POP! Definitely check them out!


  1. Great, now I'm tempted to purchase a pair for myself! :) This sounds cooler than cool and I love the color you chose. ♥_♥

    1. Lol, trust me, you will LOVE them. You THINK you love the free runs, oh no! Just wait until you try them on